Portuguese Wines

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Red Wine

White Wine

Porta da Ravessa Borba (Alentejo) Monte Velho Dao Cabriz (Dao) Sao Domingos Corpus (Douro) £14.95 £15.95 £17.95 £15.95 £14.95 £29.95 Porta da Ravessa Borba (Alentejo) Monte Velho Sao Domingos Joao Pires £13.95 £14.95 £16.95 £13.95 £17.95

Rosé Wine

Verde Wine

Mateus Mateus (0,25cl) Portuguese Rose Casal Garcia £13.50 £3.95 £13.40 £14.50 Casal Garcia Quinta da Aveleda Muralhas de Moncao £14.50 £15.50 £17.60

We'd like to remind all of our guests to enjoy our wines sensibly.

Alcohol Units

The alcohol levels in our wines may vary slightly from those printed on the menu due to vintage changes. please refer to the bottle for the current ABV. All wines are subject to availability.

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